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*Include photo of child with tape measure draped from the top of the shoulder to floor Facing front and facing back. It is important the numbers are clear in the photo. Chld should be in fitted clothing such as a leotard or swimsuit.
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Not including Photo-Customer will accept responsibility for sizing

Terms of Sale

PAYMENTS: A minimum 50% deposit is required to begin the production process. Deposits are non refundable and non transferable, no exceptions. You may pay by check, money order or paypal. Paypal email is For paypal please add 4% handling. Please do not send as gift payment. Paypal will reject the payment. All sales are final. Payments and deposits are non refundable and non transferable. Ready to ship items need to be paid in full at time of commitment to buy, unless other arrangements have been made and approved by me. When making payments and/or sending holding deposits your full 50% deposit must be made approximately 8 weeks (this amount of time is based on calendar availability and is subject to change) before your projected due date or your order will be pushed back to the next avail spot on the calendar. Pushing back your date will cause significant delays. Please check with me for next available dates before you decide to change your date. If you push back your date, you will be required to pay your garment in full 4 weeks before your projected ship date. If your deposit is made during a sale or special promotion, or a discount or credit is being applied, the difference in price will be deducted at the time of final payment. Full price deposit is required to order. Deposits will only be held for 6 months, unless other arrangements have been approved by me. After 6 months any money's paid prior to production are non refundable, non transferable, and are considered void.

SHIPPING: Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees. Preferred shipping method is UPS and Fed Ex. These methods offer shipping guarantees, except for weather delays. I can also ship USPS Priority mail or express mail (please note USPS does NOT guarantee their packages). Regular UPS ground is around $20-$30. Ground shipping can take 3-5 days. Rush shipping such as next day air, 2 day air, or 3 day air are an additional cost and will be billed according to what the shipper charges. Shipping from zip code 85142, you may check online rates to your zip code for an idea of cost.

OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS: You may pay deposits and/or balances via check or money order to avoid paypal fees. Please note your order does not ship until payments are cleared in my bank. You may request an invoice for your payment if you prefer to pay by debit or credit card. Please supply your email address and request for invoice. You may make payments towards the deposit and/or balance as you please. $35 fee for NSF checks.

DEPOSITS: Deposits are non refundable and non transferable. Sales and discounts are only valid within the date ranges specified. No exceptions. Discount amount will be deducted from the final balance due. Deposits must be paid according to the original selling price. Once 50% of the order total is reached and the contract and measurements are submitted, production begins.

CREATIVITY/ DESIGN: Please feel free to give your ideas on the outfit you are ordering. You may send drawings and photos of ideas you would like to see in your design. I will not duplicate any designer's work, nor my own. I will consider all of your requests, but as the designer, the finished garment will be to my discretion. If you are uncomfortable with leaving the final decision to me, I may not be the best designer for your needs. Once color and basic design is decided, we will begin production. It is your responsibility to be clear and concise if there is a specific expectation in the look of your completed garment. It is also imperative that you share with me anything that you do not want to see in your design. These requests must be submitted in writing on your contract and order form and must be approved by me. I have the right to refuse an order if too many specifics are requested, and I don't feel I have enough creative input to create a design to your specifications.

BALANCES: The final balance is due at least two weeks prior to your projected completion date. You are welcome to pay in full at anytime. Delays in final payments will result in delays with final production and are subject to calendar availability.

MEASUREMENTS: Click the link below for the measurement chart and order contract on my web page that will need to be submitted. Measurements must be submitted at the time of order unless other arrangements have been made and approved by me. Delays in submitting measurements will result in delays for final completion and are subject to calendar availability. All garments are custom made to the measurements you provide. The initial fit of your garment is determined by the measurements you provide. Measurements need to be exact as your garment will be made to fit which is an important aspect of on stage presentation. I do not recommend padding measurements for growth as this may result in an ill fitting garment. I require a minimum of 2 photos of your child with the tape measure draped from top of shoulder to the floor, front and back. Photo must be clear enough that I can read the numbers on the tape. Child should be in a leotard or swimsuit so I can see the shape of the body. If you need any help with measuring, please let me know. You may request to have the garment shell sent to you prior to decorating to ensure a proper fit. Please allow additional time for shell fittings.

ALTERATIONS: Although your garment is custom made, minor adjustments and measurements may be required after you receive your order. Please remember that although I have measurements and photos, I do not have your child's actual body in my studio while I complete construction. I have mannequins that I use, but keep in mind, everyone's body is unique. I recommend securing a local seamstress to handle adjustments after your garment arrives. If you choose to send your outfit back to me for adjustments, please note you will be responsible for all shipping fees back and forth and a minimum charge of $20 is required. Final price will be based on the alteration needed and the time and supplies to make the adjustments. Please note, I can only fit alterations in according to openings on my calendar. It is extremely important to keep that in mind when orders are placed and ship dates are given. You need to allow yourself enough time for adjustments if necessary. I can't push back another client's scheduled garment to do your alterations. Every hour of work is carefully scheduled in order to stay on time with my completion dates.

Completion Dates: Completion time is based on calendar bookings and is subject to change without notice. You will be given an approximate completion date when the full 50% deposit is made and measurement form and contract are submitted. Your completion dates are given as a 5 day ship window. Please keep this time frame in mind as you determine your shipping options and "in hand" dates. Failure to supply measurements in a timely manner, changes to your order prior to production, and late payments will result in delays on your order.

Rush Orders: I will accept rush orders for a fee if time permits. Please note, when placing a rush order, express shipping will likely be required and can be costly. You are responsible for paying any shipping costs. I will make every effort to get your garment out on time, however, I will not be held liable for delays due to the carrier of your package. Extreme weather and other acts of God can cause delays to your package. Also note, that as a rush order, you may not have time for alterations prior to receiving your order, especially of you choose to have your garment sent to the location of the pageant. I suggest you have a back up I'm case there are any delays in your shipment or any fit issues.

All sales are final.  Payments and deposits are non refundable and non transferable.  All garments are custom made to your measurements.  The initial fit of your garment is determined by the measurements you provide.  We will be happy to assist in measurements when needed.  Please note that some alterations may be required.  Alterations on your completed garment are an additional charge and will be put into the production schedule as time permits.    We can send the garment shell to you prior to decorating to ensure a proper fit. Please allow additional time for shell fittings.   For our local clients, for a small fee we can come to you for consultations and fittings. Out of state clients can set up appointments for consultations and fittings at any of the national pageants we attend.  A small fee applies. Please allow a minimum of 10-12 weeks for custom orders. Completion time is based on openings in my calendar and subject to change without notice. Rush orders are available for an additional fee, and shipping can be upgraded for quicker turn around. Prices are subject to change without notice. On all custom orders, pre-owned sales, and pre made designs all sales are final.  No exchanges or refunds, no exceptions.  All deposits are non refundable and non transferable.  Payments may be made via check, money order, Green Dot, or PayPal (PayPal fees apply).  International orders are PayPal only.  There is a $25 fee for NSF checks.   Deposits are required to secure a calendar date and before work can begin.  A 50% deposit is due prior to final production and the balance must be paid at least two weeks before the garment is shipped.  Delay in your final payment may significantly affect the scheduled completion and/or ship dates.  Shipping and handling rates apply.  Payments towards deposit and balance are accepted, however payments are not transferable and they are non refundable. Please note that an order cannot be, pushed back, changed or canceled once production begins.  If you fail to make your payments on time, deposits and in production garments may become the property of Chrystal Bells Pageantwear.  Once a garment is completed, you will be given 30 days to pay the balance and set up shipping.  If the balance is not paid, all monies will be forfeited and the merchandise will be considered abandoned and will remain the property of Chrystal Bells Pageant wear. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.  We pride ourselves in customer service, and want to make sure that you are pleased with your completed product.  If you have any questions regarding these terms please feel free to email me at  Thank you for taking the time to view my web page, and I look forward to working with you!  Have a great Pageant season!

Chrystal Turner

Head Designer 

By submitting your deposit and/or measurements you are confirming that you have both read and agree to all the information provided on this page.  This contract is binding so please make sure you have read it carefully!!!

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